MAPLE SHADE, NJ — Unless you have been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly seen our trademark bright yellow signs popping up all over the state of New Jersey. As proud new owners of solar systems stick them in their yards and solar specialists excitedly place them in high trafficked areas. We are in the business of spreading the good news of solar savings.


Our mission is to save you money and clean up the state, country and world by taking solar as far as we can reach. We figure, the more clean energy, the more greater public benefit achieved.

Solar customers are making a better tomorrow and enjoying savings today.

Spectrum Energy’s environment is one that fosters development, communication, creativity and attention to detail. Not only is the client experience top notch, our culture is too.

We believe that culture is what enables us to deliver a superior customer experience to you.

For more information about going solar, feel free to contact us or simply request a free quote today.