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Commercial Solar Panel Installers In New Jersey

Providing Commercial Solar Panel Installation In Burlington County

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Solar Panels installed for a business in New Jersey by Spectrum EnergyLooking for commercial solar panel Installation in Burlington County, New Jersey? If you own a business, it’s important to save as much money as you can for the things that matter most. When you choose Spectrum Energy as your commercial solar panel installers in New Jersey, you will immediately see the difference in the service we provide. We offer superior quality solar panels that will help you maximize savings in solar. As New Jersey’s top solar energy company, we guarantee the installation of our commercial solar panels.

Spectrum Energy makes it easy to provide solar for your business. Our team of installers can help you understand the money you will save on energy and electric bills when you switch to solar. In as a little as the first couple months you will start to see a difference in energy you spend after we install solar panels for your business. Below is a number of questions to help you understand what is needed for commercial solar panel installation.

Is A Permit Required To Install Solar Panels?

Yes, a building and electrical permit are required along with state and utility approvals to install a solar project.

Does My Roof Need To Be Facing A Certain Way?

Our in house Design technicians will confirm the production, roof access & solar access needed. There is a priority way for a roof to face (South) and there is a less productive direction for the roof to face. Our team finds the best option with the most production to ensure the best ROI.

Which Size Solar System Is Right For My Business?

We are not able to confirm that until we know how much electricity the property currently uses. We ask for an electric bill to get started and prefer full 12 months usage to get a complete accurate assessment of the amount of panels and roof/ground space needed.

Does Solar Panels Affect The Property Value For My Business?

The Solar panels will add value to the property reducing costs of electricity as well as creating income with the SREC’s that the system produces.

Are There Any Rebates In The State Of New Jersey For Installing Solar Panels?

There are no rebates available anymore but there are SREC incentives that create income from the clean energy produced as well as the Federal 30% tax credit and multiple depreciations a company can use to pay for a solar electric system.

How Long Is Commercial Solar Payback Period?

That answer has a few variables which is the reason we have our Design technicians take a look at the usage and property. We would also need to have a discussion with your accountant to discuss the 30% federal tax credit as well as the depreciations the business could take and apply to the solar project. Those items factored in with the production of the system will determine the return on investment of a project. We have seen all of these items combined to give an ROI of 1 year on commercial projects when those variables are all utilized to their maximum potential.

For more information commercial solar panel installation for your business, call Spectrum Energy at (856) 320-4275 or get a free solar estimate here!