Commercial Solar In New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Solar Panels installed for a business in New Jersey by Spectrum EnergyAre you looking for commercial solar energy in New Jersey or Pennsylvania? If you own a business, it is important to save resources for what matters most. For that reason, when you choose us as solar energy partner, you will see the difference. Above all, we offer superior quality solar panels with top notch service. As the premier solar energy company, we fully guarantee the installation of our system.

We make it easy to provide solar for your business. Even more, you will see the money you’ll save by switching to solar. Another great reason to choose solar is that you will instantly see a difference in the energy you spend. Finally, below are some answers to help you understand commercial solar energy. Spectrum Energy now services multiple areas in Pennsylvania including Bucks, North Ampton, Lebanon, York, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware Valley, Lancaster, Berks, and Lehigh.

Do I Need a Permit?

Yes, a building and electrical permit are required. Also, you will need approvals from your utility company to install a solar project.

Does My Roof Need To Be Facing A Certain Way?

Our in-house design technicians will confirm the production, roof access and solar needed. There is a priority way for a roof to face. That direction is south. Our team of experts will find the best option with the most production for your bottom line.

What Size Is Right For My Business?

We are not able to confirm that until we know how much electricity the property currently uses. We will require your electric bill. One that shows a full 12 months of usage data is preferred. This will allow us to get a complete accurate assessment of your particular application.

Do Solar Panels Affect The Property Value For My Business?

Solar does add value to your property. In addition, it eliminates your electric bill. Finally, your system creates SCRE’s that pay. Did you know your property becomes about 15% more valuable with solar energy?

Are There Rebates In The State Of New Jersey For Installing Solar?

There are no rebates available. However, there are SREC incentives that create income from the clean energy produced. For example, the Federal 30% tax credit and depreciations are two resources a company can use to pay for a solar energy.

How Long Is Commercial Solar Payback Period?

That answer has a few variables. It’s the reason we have our design technicians look at your usage and property. These results are specific and unique to you. Also, we would also need to have a discussion with your accountant to discuss the 30% federal tax credit. In addition, we’ll need to explore the depreciation the business could take and apply to the solar project. Those items, factored in with system production will determine your return on investment. Commercial projects typically result in an ROI after 1 year.

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