Solar energy can often be confusing to home and business owners alike. Many people have questions about how the panels work, what the benefits include, and if solar energy is even a good fit for them. This article explores the many answers to these questions. To start, selecting a solar panel company is a big decision. You’ll want to choose a solar energy provider that has stood the test of time and one that eliminates 3rd parties by handling all work in-house. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that one company is capable of installing your entire project from start to finish without hassle or frustration. Below are some other answered questions you might have regarding a potential system.

Question 1 – How can I save money using solar panels?

Answer – If you pay an electric bill of more than $75 a month, solar energy is for you. If you pay several hundred dollars a month, you’ll really want to consider it. Your panels will be able to eliminate your electric bill and you’ll also get paid for the energy you don’t use when it’s placed back into the grid.

Question 2 – Will I truly benefit from a solar energy system?

Answer – Our qualified team of design experts will first analyze your property to determine if your home or business is a good fit for solar. If your location is a good fit for solar, you’ll definitely benefit from the advantages. See our other recent blog post by clicking the link below to discover other savings associated with solar. Learn how you can benefit from solar here!

Question 3 – Is it difficult to upkeep and maintain the panels?

Answer – Not at all. The solar system is self-sufficient and practically maintenance-free. Solar panels are extremely durable. With an exception or two only in extreme circumstances, they don’t even need to be washed or cleaned.

Question 4 – What if I don’t want the panels on my roof?

Answer – Solar panels can be installed anywhere that gets sunshine and is not blocked by trees or buildings. Spectrum Energy offers a wide range of alternative options in the form of ground mount units.

Question 5 – How reliable are solar panels?

Answer – Something interesting that you might not realize is that solar panels have easily been around for over 60 years already. As technology has improved, solar energy has become a dependable source of energy.

Hopefully, our newest blog was able to help answer some of your questions as you go through your decision making process. As always, feel free to contact us using any method on this page for additional information. A friendly associate will get you the answer to your question quickly and accurately.