Coal used to be one of our most reliable and dependable resources on the planet. However, recent research and technology has discovered that the use of coal causes illness and death. Global usage of coal causes 800,000 premature deaths each and every year. Even the process of coal mining and coal fueling of power stations can cause major environmental damage. Coal is the largest contributor to the human-made increase of CO2, totaling 40% just from that source.

Analysis from the United States Department of Energy Administration shows that renewable energy will surpass coal in May for the first time ever! Instead of using a non-sustainable resource such as coal, the switch is being made to a cleaner, greener, and long-term sustainable energy source in the form of solar energy.

With no new coal plants being built, solar energy has increased and communities are getting smarter about how they use energy and protect the environment. Within the next decade, you can expect the coal industry to completely collapse. Make the change for your home or business and start seeing the benefits today! Solar energy completely eliminates your electric bill, pays you for extra energy you don’t use, and shields the world from harmful resources like coal.