The United States is now home to more than 2 million solar
installations. After 40 years of work to get to 1 million customers on board,
the industry has doubled its growth in just the last 3 years. This impressive
growth has reshaped energy conversation in America. It is believed by many that
by the 2020’s, solar energy will be the dominate source of power. Early
projections and forecasts have solar energy up to 3 million installations by
2021 and 4 million in 2023. In fact, by 2024, there will be on average one
solar installation per minute. 

What has lead to this sharp and soaring solar growth? The
reality is that solar energy has many benefits beyond the obvious reasons. Of
course, you can eliminate your electric bill, get paid for energy you place
back into the grid, and capitalize on a 30% Federal Tax Credit but do you know
about the many other advantages? Using what resources are already available
helps us become more efficient and economical. With the growth of solar energy,
we’re able to help the economy by creating jobs and building a better planet
for future generations by eliminating harmful emissions, deadly toxins, and
unhealthy gases.

Solar energy has made tremendous progress in the last few years
and it’s all made possible by customers, workers, policymakers, advocates, and
innovators. It shows us that clean energy is here to stay. It’s also exciting
to see how much more progress we’re going to make! Today, this 2 million solar
installation total is the equivalent of producing enough electricity to power
more than 12 million American homes. By the year 2024, 2.5% of all homes in
America will have a solar installation. Join the revolution and fight back
against increasing energy costs today!