With so many home renovation and improvement projects on your list this spring, solar energy should definitely be one of them. Did you know it’s the perfect time of the year to install solar panels on your home or business? With the cold and dreary weather behind us, it’s the best time to consider solar energy. Solar energy comes with some serious benefits and incentives that will be gone at the end of 2019.

Sunnier Days Produce More Energy

The spring is one of the best times to install solar. Not only will you take advantage of longer, sunnier days in the summer but you’ll notice significantly lower energy bills. Installing panels in the spring means you’ll be all set to enjoy the benefits right around the corner. If you need a new roof with your solar panels, it’s a great time of year to do both. Replacing your roof at the same time as installing your new panels will ensure your panels don’t outlive your roof either.

Even More Additional Benefits

There’s additional benefits aside from getting paid for the energy you place back into the grid and eliminating your bill. Many people don’t know that solar energy actually increases the value of your home, making it more attractive should you ever decide to sell in the future. Did you know it’s also proven that your home sells faster with a solar energy system? Another great advantage is the cost effectiveness.

More Affordable Than Ever

Solar is more affordable than ever. With the 30% Federal Tax Credit on its way out the door December 31st, 2019, this is the year you’ll want to make the switch before it’s too late. Once your system is in place, there’s nothing to maintain or buy. Enjoy your savings while getting paid for each day the sun shines. Become energy independent by springing into solar this spring. We are industry leaders with years of experience. Spectrum Energy helps connect our customers with the best solutions for their application.