Do you truly know what causes your electric bill to be so much higher in the summer months than any other time of the year? It’s interesting when you break it down and truly see how each little piece adds up to make your electric bill a big number. This blog will help provide you with some tips and tricks on trimming back your bill and how solar energy is one of the best solutions to beat the heat this summer.

As we know, anything plugged in is constantly drawing electricity. This is especially true in the summer when fans, and the air conditioner are in full swing. In fact, your air conditioner is probably the biggest contributor. It runs twice as much in the summer as it does during all 3 of the other seasons combined. Some people also use fans in addition to the air which contributes some amount of electric there too. All your other appliances such as your refrigerator also need to double-time it by working extra hard to combat higher temperatures. Electric rates often rise in the summer too so not only are you using more but you’re being charged more for it.

To help fight this, there are a variety of tactics you can use to help reduce your overall bill. First, always turn off the air conditioner when you don’t need it. You can also switch to energy star appliances. Second, use your blinds and drapes to block the sun. This will result in lower interior temperatures for your living space. Third, make sure your home is properly insulated. Did you know heating and cooling account for 50 – 70% of your energy use? Keeping your home insulated correctly will result in better cooling. It’ll also help keep you warmer in the winter months too. Finally, consider solar energy. Solar energy completely eliminates your electric bill, creates renewable energy, and pays you for extra energy you place back into the grid. During the summer months, people with a solar energy system benefit more at that time than any other month by utilizing long hot summer days to power their homes. Be sure to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit that expires at the end of this year too!