Winter Weather Wrinkle

Did you know that solar panels work even in winter weather? Believe it or not, solar panels do better than you might think in cold month. Low temperatures won’t stop the panels converting available sunlight to power. The one Achilles heel for solar panels is cloudy weather. Although the system can still produce 10-25% of their typical output, the amount of production is less than during summer months of direct sunlight. Most solar panel systems are installed at an angle. This is by design so that snow will easily slide off on its own.

When it snows, you can typically expect your energy output to be reduced. It’s very normal and expected that energy collected during the winter will be less than in summer months where the days are longer, the sun is stronger, and the ray are more intense. Solar panel systems have a great way of balancing themselves out. Even if you should experience lower levels of production in December, January, and February, you can be sure to make up for it in June, July, and August.

The winter months are a great time to consider solar energy. While your system is being worked on and designed now, you can be ready to quickly reap the rewards once it’s installed for the summer. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and saves a lot of money. The best part about solar is that it’s a sustainable resource that never runs out. Consider solar energy for your home or business now and take advantage of all the benefits before they decrease at the end of 2019!